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of Ministry

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A.C.T.S. Fellowship
of Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and Churches
New Life Fellowship Ministries, Inc. 501c(3) CLICK HERE

New Life Fellowship Churches & Pastors

New Life Fellowship Church, Columbia (1988)

New Life Fellowship Church, McComb (1997)

New Life Fellowship Church, Silver Creek (2004)

Overseer Dr. Terry L. & Lady Sherry Weems
Senior Pastors Tasha Dillon, Dr. Valerie Bass Russell

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctor of Theology
Learn While You Earn Your Degrees of Excellence
601.731.1877 * 800.394.5433
For Anyone Interested in
Biblical Studies...
Pastors, Ministers, Ministry Leaders, and Lay People
Quality & Affordable
Theological Education with
Top-Notch Instructors