Pastors Fellowship

Dr. Terry L. Weems, Overseer.

ACTS Fellowship Pastors with participating Churches.

Pastors individually participating. Ministers in fellowship.

Pastors & Ministers Fellowship and Training Dates
Holy Convocation

Annual gathering of ACTS Fellowship pastors, churches, and leaders. It is held the last weekend in July. Mark your calendar and meet us there!


July 23-26, 2020, is set.

Visit Here to visit the website and witness how God is bringing a Fresh Start
to 116 years of service at
Owens Chapel Baptist Church
#2019 #OCBC #FreshStart

*Accountability. Covering. Training. Support. * A.C.T.S. Fellowship*

ACTS Fellowship Annual Holy Convocation
Thursday, July 25th - Sunday, July 28th, at New Life Fellowship Church, Columbia, MS
Spring Fellowship Church Service (Location TBA)
Pastoral --> Meetings on Mondays at 6pm  (New Life Fellowship, Columbia Campus)
Mondays: Dates TBA
Ministerial --> Meeting, Event for All Clergy (Location TBA) - Christmas Fellowship and Social                
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THE A.C.T.S. Fellowship

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